living the faiytale, part II

DSC00853yesterday we went on a spur of the moment road trip to the zoo in lycksele. i was not sure how good a time we would have, as it was a somewhat long drive for such a short time at the actual park. a good time was had by all, however. we saw all the swedish animals; wolverine, fox, bear, moose, rabbits, etc...

and on the way home we saw 'wild' reindeer grazing in a meadow...


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living the fairy tale

sometimes living in sweden feels like i am living in a fairy tale, a beautiful book full of glossy illustrations of light, green forests, mushrooms, and berries. every once in a while daycare closes for planning and we get a special day with our children when traffic is light and everyone is healthy. today was one of those days. my kids and i went to the river and walked down the trail to find fresh raspberries, but we were really on the search for a unicorn. we found tracks and glittery soil (which of course comes from the glitter embedded in the coat of the unicorn). my daughter is totally convinced that we were just around the corner from the fantastic animal. we did not find any unicorns, but we did pick a lot of berries and had a fun picnic by the riverside.

...tomorrow, waffles and fresh raspberry jam! yum!

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hunting for dragons

tonight we went hunting for dragons. we went up a blueberry covered path that twists through the sparse pine forest. we found its tracks (apparently this is a red dragon, very sweet and nice, according to my son), found both the mushrooms it likes to eat and the rock it likes to sit upon, as well as another rock which is the forgotten, unhatched egg... i then found a lovely 'tooth' which the dragon must have lost while eating and spitting out the broken-up bicycle beside the path. showing it to my son, he said, "no mom, that is just a stick." silly me!

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why it is home

i have been thinking a lot lately about why this is my home. after moving so many times, why stop here? i have found my answers in small separate moments this week.
*the smell of the clean, crisp air as autumn begins to wraps its refreshing arms around me while biking home.
*the small boy sitting in the blueberry patch, blue juices dripping down his chin and arm, merrily eating his way across the meadow.
*the rainbow crossing one side of the lake and landing on the other
*my children running back and forth without the threat of cars mowing down their games, giving them the freedom to laugh and run without worries.

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getting things done

It is time for another semester and time to get new things done. I am coming off of vacation with a renewed supply of energy and enthusiasm. I have now integrated my research blog posts into this blog, but I still need to go back and apply categories and organize things. I have also done a lot with the HUMlab blog, which will be up and running by the end of this month. I have also finished planning for my Theater class which will be doing living statues in about three weeks. I can not wait to see how it turns out! Brief brainstorming session...

Projects for this semester...
*Write short Tekka article with Therese
*Finish HUMlab blog (this month)
*First blogging article (completed..hope so!...more details as it becomes more concrete)
*Finish first book with mother

On the down side, I thought that Max, my dog, had stopped howling when I am gone. Wrong :-( My upstairs neighbor came and complained again tonight. I made a deal with him that we would wait and see until Monday when I receive a special collar that is supposed to train him not to howl by squirting smelly lemony stuff on his nose when he does it. I hope this works, I really do not want to get rid of him. The other option is doggy daycare, but with Emma and Sebastian in daycare across town, I really do not see that as a long term solution. I hope this works out. Any doggy training suggestions out there???

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Home is where the heart is

I have not written in a while, but lots of things have been happening!

*Lots of beach time (look like a lobster at the moment)
*lots of kid playing
*lots shopping trips with parents and aunt
*new computer bought (although just figured out tonight that I am missing a cord, so I may not keep it if they can not replace it…what a shame…I really, really like it)

I have had a nice time visiting my parents so far. After living in Umea for four years, I have discovered that I am now a hybrid. I am not really American or really Swedish…I am something in between. There are things here that really bother me, like the lack of recycling and bike paths, and play parks on every corner. But in Sweden, I miss the availability of inexpensive products and the availability to my parents. All in all, I do feel like my home is Sweden. I feel at home there, I have made a home there. It is where my heart is.

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In Virginia with my parents today. I thought that trip would be he%@, traveling alone with three year old twins, but it was not. We traveled from Umea to Stockholm and then got on a plane over the Atlantic. They did not sleep a wink on the planes, but the were great! They just sat and read and watched TV and were sweet kids. We also had a *long* delay in Newark because storms in Washington DC caused the airports to close. But still the kids were great! They did not cry (and finally slept). I could not ask for better children! (and that is not just a prejudiced mother talking! ;) Now we are here and having a great time. There will be *very* little blogging while I am here. Have a great summer everyone, see you
In August!

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The stories we tell ourselves

fn_00077I seem to have a prevailing theme in my life this summer. During my summer class (which was just incredible, btw) we discussed the nature of truth. Is there really ‘a’ truth, or is truth just the stories that we tell ourselves. I have also immersed myself in blogs, both through my new RSS reader, through my new research area, and through the conference I recently attended. Blogs are nothing if not pieces of our collective stories thrown together mish mash and aggregated in readers (still in love with blogging, do not get me wrong :-). Yesterday, my kids were laying in my bed, whispering to each other and giggling. Snuggling up to them, I discovered that my daughter was telling this very involved story about a troll who offered her blue popcorn, and why she really loved blue popcorn. She looked up, noticed the strange shape of the ceiling lamp and began to spin her tale to include the lamp. Her story was involved and detailed and so creative. I lay there beside my son, both of us enraptured by her narrative. We all tell ourselves stories, and as adults we spend a lot of energy trying to define and defend them. There are some, however, that are comfortable within their own story, who can spin enchanted tales and swirl together worlds, who walk within their story surrounded by an aura of pride, confidence and joy. My daughter is one of the enchanted spinners of life, and for that I am grateful.

(picture from

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bouncing bye

My kids have been with their father for the past two weeks on vacation. It was the first time that I was away from them for so long and it was an emotional roller coaster. In 20 minutes, however, I get to go pick them up!!! I am so excited! I even cleaned the house top to bottom (and for those of you who know me know that that in itself is amazing ;-) Many, many other things have happened since my return from BlogTalk and I will write more tonight, but for now I am going to bounce up and down until I can go and get them…

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welcome warm summer

i have noticed a trend in the blogs i read regularly. maybe it is summer, or the warm weather…but bloggers do not seem to be blogging as much…myself included. this year has been so overwhelming that i feel the need to take it a little easier this summer, even though blogtalk is coming up. (on an aside: I am *very* excited about blogtalk, not least travelling with therese. she and i have planned a fun little vacation around the conference, and i will get the opportunity to see parts of germany and austria that I have never seen before!)

i have a lot to look forward to in the fall…beginning my Ph.D., interesting classes, teaching… but first, this summer my kids and i are going to go back to the states to visit my family and spend tons of time on the beach!!! we are going to take some time for ourselves so that we come back in the fall refreshed and rejuvenated! welcome warm summer!

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