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i went running along the main river this morning about a quarter after 7. it was very difficult to get out of bed as we traveled about 12 hours the day before. as i began my run, i was startled how pretty this part of town, nestled along the river bank, is. coming from the usa where we have boxy or modern architecture, i get so inspired and excited by old, beautiful buildings. i continued about 5k down the river, past the vendors setting up the saturday morning street fair, and over two bridges, the ignatz-bubisbrüke and the untermain-brüke. therese was up and ready when i returned to the hotel. we are now passing würzberg (10:37) on a3 on our way to vienna. we have about 8 more hours to go today, but are open to sight-seeing opportunity.

went to the metten abby. i find the grandeur of the abby's in germany frightening!

DSC00505first time seeing the alps! therese and i climbed a hill and did the opening scene from sound of music, and lost the key to the rental car... eventually found it nestled among some posion ivy (i think).DSC00510

went to the melk abby...and i thought the grandeur of the last abby was frightening!!! will post pictures when i reach a wireless point...DSC00523

checked into our hotel in vienna...went to folk film festival, drank bear and peach liqueur. now for a little time out on the town...

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