Theatre Class

tomorrow i will begin teaching my second year of theater at a local 'high-school'. i have finished planning out the projects for the year and i am very excited about some of the things we will do. we will start out by working with movement and character, then perform as 'living statues' in town. we will also do a large performance, a mock research commission and will analyze several plays. theater is a great way to realize and experiment with emotions and especially appropriate at an age where experimentation and growth are such an important part of ones life.

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getting things done

It is time for another semester and time to get new things done. I am coming off of vacation with a renewed supply of energy and enthusiasm. I have now integrated my research blog posts into this blog, but I still need to go back and apply categories and organize things. I have also done a lot with the HUMlab blog, which will be up and running by the end of this month. I have also finished planning for my Theater class which will be doing living statues in about three weeks. I can not wait to see how it turns out! Brief brainstorming session...

Projects for this semester...
*Write short Tekka article with Therese
*Finish HUMlab blog (this month)
*First blogging article (completed..hope so!...more details as it becomes more concrete)
*Finish first book with mother

On the down side, I thought that Max, my dog, had stopped howling when I am gone. Wrong :-( My upstairs neighbor came and complained again tonight. I made a deal with him that we would wait and see until Monday when I receive a special collar that is supposed to train him not to howl by squirting smelly lemony stuff on his nose when he does it. I hope this works, I really do not want to get rid of him. The other option is doggy daycare, but with Emma and Sebastian in daycare across town, I really do not see that as a long term solution. I hope this works out. Any doggy training suggestions out there???

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Commedia dell Arte

in world and it looks great! good job Julian High School


the play was great. there was obvious organization with regards to blocking and the script was very funny...very true to commedia form. it was a great experience and will more than likely result in a collaboration with Julian next year.

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very exciting!!

today my other theater group will be watching a commedia dell arte play in active worlds... this is the invitation from Bonnie DeVarco.

Dear Colleagues and Friends, We have a wonderful group of thespians from Julian High School in Southern California who would be delighted to have you join in to see their Commedia dell Arte Play in LinkWorld in the AWedu Virtual Education Universe. Please come and see Lady Murasaki's gorgeous new avatar characters in the beautiful LinkWorld, part of the Borderlink Project. Julian High School presentations: Thursday May 20th and Monday May 24th 10:10am to 11:55pm Pacific Time Special Encore LinkWorld Open House and tour with our friends Rudiger Stiebitz in Carnival world, DIVERSE (more info on DIVERSE here: at the same times: Thursday May 24th 10:10am to 11:55pm Pacific Time If you don't already have the Eduverse browser, please download it from the Borderlink page here (click top right box): More about the Borderlink Project here:

this will be a great opportunity for the students to see a play in english in a virtual world. super excited! hope to see you there!

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invisible theater

i am about to go downtown and watch as my students perform their street performances. i am very excited about this. they performed part one last monday to a mixed review. mixed, not because they did not do a good job... they did a great job actually! the review was mixed due to the fact that the subject matter they chose to depict was of a somewhat sensitive nature. we are taking a leaf out of boal's book and doing a bit if invisible theater. monday's group used several people posing as handicapped and their personal assistants (every handicapped person in sweden has the right to a personal assistant... very great program!). the personal assistants were horrible to their charges. we were hoping to provoke some response from the “public”, but got nothing. there was even a large group of teenagers sitting at the next table that were so wrapped up in their cell phone comparisons that they did not even look up when one personal assistant put his charge in to a corner for not eating her icecream properly.

today we will run this skit again and also another where a teenage-mother leaves her “baby” with a stranger so she can go into a shop.

the purpose of these acts is to start a conversation with the public on the fair treatment entitled to every individual. what is and can be expected of people? is there a point where a stranger should step in to help someone obviously in need? where is your line? how far does someone have to be hurt before you react? ...interesting questions which we discuss with the public after we let them in on our “secret”...

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