Getting some good work done...finally!

I am finally getting some good work done on my thesis proposal paper. With the Jokkmokk blog, my regular teaching, and various life things that just seem to come up, I am afraid I have put this a bit on the backburner (which is pretty stupid considering this was the most important thing to get done!) I have waded halfway through Mental Spaces, and I am now starting to read a research paper written by Marc Ettlinger on Interpreting Deixis in Mental Spaces, which looks very interesting. I have pinpointed different, interesting areas of blogging discourse in order to see if analysis using Fauconnier?s method would be applicable. I have also located a thread of conversation that has swept its way across a few of my favorite blogs to use as a test for my budding theory. When I have completed my test and proposal, I will post it here. I tend to be a bit hasty and would normally post before it is finished (that is why I have two versions of my senior thesis paper), but this time I am going to wait until it is signed, sealed, and delivered! Wish me luck!

As my tea-induced caffeine buzz has worn off, I think it is time to call it a night and get some sleep before I am awaken by sweet, little voices wanting breakfast.

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