the stories we tell ourselves, an ever evolving continuation

i am constantly intrigued by the stories we tell ourselves. it is not that we consciously lie to ourselves and to others, but we all look at the world and at ourselves through a glass colored by our own beliefs and prior observations. i received in my email this morning the newspaper article that will come out on saturday about me and blogging. this is only the second time that i have read someone else's perception of me and again i was surprised. the first time was during the jokkmokk adventure when i was described as an activist by our director. maybe i am, i am still not so sure about that one. there is a difference between feeling passionately about something and being an activist. this article calls me restless. when i first read it, i was shocked! me, restless! it turns out, after thinking about it a while, that it is true. i am very restless. i always have been! it is the reason that i often take too many tasks on at once, or i research something that is always changing. for me, i could not think of anything worse than doing the same thing day in and day out. i need change, i need stimulation... i guess i am restless, but i kind of like it :-)

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