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My <a href="">HUMlab</a> colleagues (<a href="">Therese</a>, <a href="">Jim</a>, <a href="">Samuel</a>) and I are going to moblog a <a href="">cultural festival</a> in the north of Sweden in the beginning of February. This is an exciting project that will explore the limitations and benefits of the blog as a medium to document such an event, as well as give others a chance to participate in the event through comment features and possibly a wiki. Several limitations have been overcome in the pursuit of this project:

*<strike>the lack of a wireless network</strike> (we will set up our own in an empty store),
*<strike>no place to stay</strike> (we will stay with a nice, yet arthritic man)
*<strike>transportation to this little village way above the polar circle</strike> (driving! yikes!)
*using the appropriate technology to document this exciting event in possible -30C weather(!?) should we wear our computers against our bodies using baby slings? :-)

<em>(Blogging format still being developed by team, this is just a suggestion, feel free to comment with other suggestions)</em>The blog format will consist of a single blog with four blogging authors. The main content will be a non-linear record from all four bloggers. Each blog entry will be categorized according to author, language, and subject, i.e., music, interviews, audio, and video. The latter will also be cross-categorized for ease in future searching. The blog will also be separated into 2, possibly 3, different languages; English, Swedish, and possibly Sámi.

More information about this project will soon be posted on our website <em>(link will be posted as more information becomes avaliable).</em>

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spreading the word

If you have an announcement of something very exciting in blogging evolution (won’t spill the beans yet) and want to alert as many people as possible, what is the best way to do this? Any suggestions from the audience?

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