living the faiytale, part II

DSC00853yesterday we went on a spur of the moment road trip to the zoo in lycksele. i was not sure how good a time we would have, as it was a somewhat long drive for such a short time at the actual park. a good time was had by all, however. we saw all the swedish animals; wolverine, fox, bear, moose, rabbits, etc...

and on the way home we saw 'wild' reindeer grazing in a meadow...


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living the fairy tale

sometimes living in sweden feels like i am living in a fairy tale, a beautiful book full of glossy illustrations of light, green forests, mushrooms, and berries. every once in a while daycare closes for planning and we get a special day with our children when traffic is light and everyone is healthy. today was one of those days. my kids and i went to the river and walked down the trail to find fresh raspberries, but we were really on the search for a unicorn. we found tracks and glittery soil (which of course comes from the glitter embedded in the coat of the unicorn). my daughter is totally convinced that we were just around the corner from the fantastic animal. we did not find any unicorns, but we did pick a lot of berries and had a fun picnic by the riverside.

...tomorrow, waffles and fresh raspberry jam! yum!

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hunting for dragons

tonight we went hunting for dragons. we went up a blueberry covered path that twists through the sparse pine forest. we found its tracks (apparently this is a red dragon, very sweet and nice, according to my son), found both the mushrooms it likes to eat and the rock it likes to sit upon, as well as another rock which is the forgotten, unhatched egg... i then found a lovely 'tooth' which the dragon must have lost while eating and spitting out the broken-up bicycle beside the path. showing it to my son, he said, "no mom, that is just a stick." silly me!

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The saga of Max, Part II

i thought i had until monday to create a solution for max, but i was wrong. my landlord came to me the next morning and very rudely proclaimed that the problem had to be taken care of today, not monday, today and that i had to remember to be respectful of my neighbors. (was very insulted at the respectful part as i really like my neighbors and have really, really tried to be respectful and keep max is not like i sit in here and pinch him when i feel like he had not howled enough.) so, i 'bit the bullet' and bought the collar that squirts lemony stuff in his nose instead of waited the three days so i could rent it (which was a 150:- to 1685:- difference!!!) which means the bookshelves i really need will have to wait a little while longer. *sigh* max seems to be responding well to the collar. i have only left him for short spells in order to not be completely traumatized by it. the first time i came home, he was looking at me with huge eyes and his whole body was shaking...a lot of the liquid was gone. poor thing! he seems to be getting a little better, which is good because i start teaching in the morning.

enough ramblings, it is time to get to work!

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i picked up my kids from daycare and pushed them in our super duper baby jogger wagon around the lake. it was 5k pushing over 50 kilos. i have to say, i am pretty tired now. i think i am going to go snuggle and read...more blogging later :-)

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goodnight rituals

running full force, he leapt into her arms. she carried him into their room and placed him gently into bed. prayers said, she leaned over and brushed butterfly kisses onto his cheek. you forgot to sing to me, raindrops, mamma, sing raindrops! after singing nearly the entire score of Sound of Music, she watched as his little eyes blinked sleepily. goodnight, mamma. i love you. i love you too, she sighed happily. repeating the warm ritual with his sister, she gently closed the door to their room. sometimes, she thought, things are perfect, really perfect and whispered again into the closed door, i love you too guys…

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i woke up to the sweet sounds of twin laughter this morning. climbing out of my warm nest of blankets, i decided to investigate. while twin laughter is very sweet, the cause of laughter is not always as sweet...

<center><a href=""><img alt="DSC00232.JPG" src="" width="350" height="250" border="0" /></a></center>

today's surprise! cave paintings on the tv stand and a wall. hmmm, next time i will not leave the art supplies within their reach. on the other hand, it was a *very* nicely drawn...umm, mothers are supposed to know this, aren't they? ;-)

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total abandonment

I took my children out sledding today. As we have just moved into our new apartment, we had to ask around to find hill (actually, we just followed the other parents pulling sleds). My kids had a ball. They kept screaming, “run, mommy!” It is really not that hard to run while pulling sleds. Maybe I just found a new way to work out! Anyway, after a few runs down the hill, this dog came running up, slobbering and as happy to be outside and free as any dog I have ever seen. My daughter has always been a little timid around dogs, but the sight of this huge dog running at her mindless with glee and eating the snow, was just too much for her, poor thing. She started screaming and running at me, arms outstretched and panic-stricken. This is an experience I have never had with my daughter. She has always been a very independent child, not too reliant on the protection of adults. I am not saying she does not seek protection when scared, but she always has this air of restraint, or maybe curiosity, behind her need for comfort. This was the first time that she had run at me with total abandonment, total confidence in my ability to protect her from this big, drooling ball of “menace”. Her reaction brought out an equally new reaction in me…an overwhelming need to protect her; a rush of adrenaline to run up the hill and rescue her from panic. Now that we are home, have drunk our hot chocolate, and attempted to explain to them about a dog’s body language (probably will need to re-explain that one often), everything is good. I don’t think I will ever forget the look on her face as she came running down that hill…this expression of total fear and total trust…nor will I forget the feeling of protection and love that it invoked in me. Amazing the adventure that a small sledding outing can turn into.

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too much sugar!

you know what happens when you give 3-year-old twins Christmas candy all day? They dance in a circle for thirty minutes non-stop! It is pretty funny to watch, actually. There was the occasional wrong turn which resulted in a head-on collision and tears, but for the most part just good, running-in-circles fun. I think I better put away the rest of the candy, though, or I may have twins that attempt to run a marathon in their beds.

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Christmas wishes

I thought this Christmas would be difficult, being alone after the divorce, my family being an ocean away, etc. I can honestly say, though, it was not. This morning I was awoken to two little voices exclaiming “He came, Santa came! There are presents!” I think it was the easiest morning to get out of bed yet :-) I watched my children, Emma and Sebastian, open all of their presents with all of the excitement that I remember having as a child. Now they are busy pushing dolls around in doll wagons and racing remote control cars around the room (and yes, they *both* got dolls :-) ). As cliché as it sounds, I really did get everything I wanted for Christmas…happy children, friendly friends, and the courage to start my life over. It is now time for a new year, and a new topic…life is just getting interesting!
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Merry Christmas!

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