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lisbeth writes about technology within a beautiful allegory/letter to her father. she writes about the web and weblogging in particular being a medium that helps her keep in constant contact with a much wider network of people than previously possible. although her father also had a large international network of contacts, he did not receive information about them very often, usually just at christmas. this is a great example of something that i am trying to express in my research application about the discourse structure of blogging. i have started discussing weblogging as a unique medium that is both a self-reflecting journal and an open-ended invitation for conversation, and how this medium uses different techniques to keep conversations simultaneously coherent and disperse.

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Coherence and blogging

I was speaking with Anders about some of the interesting features that add to/represent coherence in blogging. Linking, for example, plays a large role in adding a third mental space in language processing which is both physical/virtual and mental. Within my research plan, I plan to outline an article about the discourse in blogging. How far can a string of discourse go before breaking down? How many blogging areas can it exist in before it becomes too difficult to process? How do different strategies of coherence come into play? I think I will now go sit in the bathtub and read the chapter on coherence in my Cambridge, Discourse analysis book. I will finish my first draft this week and send it off for review to several people. When it is finalized, I will post it here. I would love to get comments from the blogging linguistic community on electronic discourse.

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