What is wrong with us? When did people stop being seen as something with feelings and instead seen through the propaganda coloured lens of yesterday’s news. Why don’t we care anymore? Why don’t we stop this? Why don’t we rise up? Have *we* become so indifferent???

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wall art

i have been reading about this downloadable art that people are spreading around the world. i find it an interesting concept and a great grassroots artistic expression. i live in a city where grassroots activism is fairly common (words like vegan and anarchy are written everywhere) and i believe that the messages are well embraced (especially to teenagers)... okay, with the exception of anarchy!

i would love to see a strong spreading of this message in the states, especially in light of the coming election. would it really change any minds? if this message is plastered in the streets will it become ingrained in your subconscious come election time, or just part of the scenery as do the billboards and road signs that already litter our highways...

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