Caffeinated Middle English

Oh! I am way to caffeinated for my own good this morning! I was up very late last night reading Middle English, and up early trying to make it look less like Greek than it did the night before. I was successful in that I understand it more, but I think it is going to take a little more time before it feels natural. It is, however, interesting…like a big crossword puzzle.

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Ylva seminar

Yesterday afternoon we had a very interesting seminar about corpora in language education with Ylva Berglund(link will work next week) from the University of Oxford. She made a lot of interesting points, especially about the looking at the origin of corpora before you generate statistics from it...

she brought up a number of interesting points about a useful tool that i know far too little about. i will summarize more this afternoon. we are about to begin a workshop with Ylva in which we will get to work with WordSmith(?). really looking forward to the experience!

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