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sometimes i love quizzes...and i think that it is quite ironic that i became this character when it is also the one i chose to represent me two years ago in the monster project... maybe i just want to wear kinky 'clothes' and have my way with everyone ;-)

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the truth is not always pretty

wow...like francis says, this puts everything into perspective. when did 'class' and 'wealth' become prerequisites for leading the country...even at the expense of human decency? this is a scary time we live in, and my country seems to be paving the 'terrorist' way. by using that word so much, is he trying to prevent others from throwing it against him? perhaps he doth protest too much!

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living the faiytale, part II

DSC00853yesterday we went on a spur of the moment road trip to the zoo in lycksele. i was not sure how good a time we would have, as it was a somewhat long drive for such a short time at the actual park. a good time was had by all, however. we saw all the swedish animals; wolverine, fox, bear, moose, rabbits, etc...

and on the way home we saw 'wild' reindeer grazing in a meadow...


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living the fairy tale

sometimes living in sweden feels like i am living in a fairy tale, a beautiful book full of glossy illustrations of light, green forests, mushrooms, and berries. every once in a while daycare closes for planning and we get a special day with our children when traffic is light and everyone is healthy. today was one of those days. my kids and i went to the river and walked down the trail to find fresh raspberries, but we were really on the search for a unicorn. we found tracks and glittery soil (which of course comes from the glitter embedded in the coat of the unicorn). my daughter is totally convinced that we were just around the corner from the fantastic animal. we did not find any unicorns, but we did pick a lot of berries and had a fun picnic by the riverside.

...tomorrow, waffles and fresh raspberry jam! yum!

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synchronic conversations???

how synchronic can conversations become in blogging? how quickly can conversations occur (both with or without plug ins, RSS, etc.)? these were 'hot' topics at blogtalk this year (at least at the after conference dinners), and very interesting to my particular research. i venture to say without plug ins of some sort, blog chat will still be significantly delayed. i have seen quite a few plug ins now, and today i found an interesting one on dina's blog called chatango. i have also found that you can use skype on your site, but it is a bit messier as both people must have the program installed on his or her computer. i am using it more as a portal than a resource for meeting new people/contacts.

we used a plug in on our jokkmokk blog called the blob (must search for link) which was very effective for this type of event coverage. the draw back was the loss of comments. we noticed a very specific behavior with this plugin, however...flocking. the blog also shows how many people are on your site simultaneously. when people noticed that they were not the only ones looking at a site, they were more likely to go into the chat (which offered both the option to use voice and text). will having a chat plug in embedded in your blog make conversation more synchronous, or will it simply become a portal for pre-arranged meetings, similar to my skpye button?

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interesting parallels

my summer literature students made some very interesting parallels between Apartheid South Africa as portrayed in Woza Albert! with Guantanamo Bay. we had a great class in which we did dramatic interpretations taken from different scenes from Woza Albert! it really was a great way of 'transporting' the students into another culture where they experienced things like oppression and power struggles. this is definitely a lesson i will use in the future.

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hunting for dragons

tonight we went hunting for dragons. we went up a blueberry covered path that twists through the sparse pine forest. we found its tracks (apparently this is a red dragon, very sweet and nice, according to my son), found both the mushrooms it likes to eat and the rock it likes to sit upon, as well as another rock which is the forgotten, unhatched egg... i then found a lovely 'tooth' which the dragon must have lost while eating and spitting out the broken-up bicycle beside the path. showing it to my son, he said, "no mom, that is just a stick." silly me!

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asking questions

one thing that i have noticed from the researchers i admire is that they ask a lot of questions and they state a lot of observations (to state the obvious). this is the way to begin good, quality research...so now the time comes to ask those questions...

my first article will deal with the notion of space (not outer). are blogs a space, how are they built... i want to use mental space theory and examine language on a micro level in order to determine the extent of this space. i have read the thought 'blogs are both a personal and public space'. i have even stated in my MA thesis that blogs are simultaneously a conversation with oneself and an open-ended invitation for conversation with readers. if this is so, how is this space constructed linguistically? does it differ from blogs that do not use comments, thus uninviting conversation in a shared space. which blog(s) do i examine?

goal for this week: decide on which blogs to study...organize my categories so my personal and professional items will be easier to sift through!

also, do i let these bloggers know that i am looking at their language? i think i will have to if i want to publish the results. it would be theoretically simple to google catch phrases, thus eliminating any chances for anonymity. i guess i have my answer :-)

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why it is home

i have been thinking a lot lately about why this is my home. after moving so many times, why stop here? i have found my answers in small separate moments this week.
*the smell of the clean, crisp air as autumn begins to wraps its refreshing arms around me while biking home.
*the small boy sitting in the blueberry patch, blue juices dripping down his chin and arm, merrily eating his way across the meadow.
*the rainbow crossing one side of the lake and landing on the other
*my children running back and forth without the threat of cars mowing down their games, giving them the freedom to laugh and run without worries.

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exciting find!

another linguist looking at blogs!

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