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getting things done

It is time for another semester and time to get new things done. I am coming off of vacation with a renewed supply of energy and enthusiasm. I have now integrated my research blog posts into this blog, but I still need to go back and apply categories and organize things. I have also done a lot with the HUMlab blog, which will be up and running by the end of this month. I have also finished planning for my Theater class which will be doing living statues in about three weeks. I can not wait to see how it turns out! Brief brainstorming session...

Projects for this semester...
*Write short Tekka article with Therese
*Finish HUMlab blog (this month)
*First blogging article (completed..hope so!...more details as it becomes more concrete)
*Finish first book with mother

On the down side, I thought that Max, my dog, had stopped howling when I am gone. Wrong :-( My upstairs neighbor came and complained again tonight. I made a deal with him that we would wait and see until Monday when I receive a special collar that is supposed to train him not to howl by squirting smelly lemony stuff on his nose when he does it. I hope this works, I really do not want to get rid of him. The other option is doggy daycare, but with Emma and Sebastian in daycare across town, I really do not see that as a long term solution. I hope this works out. Any doggy training suggestions out there???

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