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asking questions

one thing that i have noticed from the researchers i admire is that they ask a lot of questions and they state a lot of observations (to state the obvious). this is the way to begin good, quality research...so now the time comes to ask those questions...

my first article will deal with the notion of space (not outer). are blogs a space, how are they built... i want to use mental space theory and examine language on a micro level in order to determine the extent of this space. i have read the thought 'blogs are both a personal and public space'. i have even stated in my MA thesis that blogs are simultaneously a conversation with oneself and an open-ended invitation for conversation with readers. if this is so, how is this space constructed linguistically? does it differ from blogs that do not use comments, thus uninviting conversation in a shared space. which blog(s) do i examine?

goal for this week: decide on which blogs to study...organize my categories so my personal and professional items will be easier to sift through!

also, do i let these bloggers know that i am looking at their language? i think i will have to if i want to publish the results. it would be theoretically simple to google catch phrases, thus eliminating any chances for anonymity. i guess i have my answer :-)

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