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In Virginia with my parents today. I thought that trip would be he%@, traveling alone with three year old twins, but it was not. We traveled from Umea to Stockholm and then got on a plane over the Atlantic. They did not sleep a wink on the planes, but the were great! They just sat and read and watched TV and were sweet kids. We also had a *long* delay in Newark because storms in Washington DC caused the airports to close. But still the kids were great! They did not cry (and finally slept). I could not ask for better children! (and that is not just a prejudiced mother talking! ;) Now we are here and having a great time. There will be *very* little blogging while I am here. Have a great summer everyone, see you
In August!

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Trip with little children is quite difficult thing, but i am sure you enjoyed it...

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Have a great summer too. I hope you will enjoy your vacation!


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