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this is how i feel...

Getting ready for blogtalk, finishing my field methods class, writing several largish papers at the same time, not sleeping, packing, taking care of last minute stuff before I leave, walking the dog, running, laundry, life…

Not that I am complaining…on the contrary, I get charged up by having a lot on my plate at one time…

(I think this is too big to download very well...will have to compress and reload later)...time to finish my paper...

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Made an interesting connection tonight between the virtual platform, Traveler, and the holodeck from Star Trek: The Next GenerationI wonder if there was any connection on the part of the creators. I know someone who knows the creator well, I will have to ask him…

The holodeck was a recreational environment for the crew of the star ship that simulated alternate realities for the crew. I am reading a chapter in Andrew Wood and Matthew Smith’s book, Online Communications which says that the holodeck served as an idealized conception of the heights to which mediating technologies could aspire. I believe that Traveler is a good, beginning example of technology available on the internet which attempts to get at this depth of simulation and immersion.

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if you have read one, you have not read them all...

I love what Liz Lawley says about not lumping all blogs together into one form. This was done (almost) exclusively at last year’s blogtalk, and something that Therese and I had to struggle with in our own paper. We are discussing blog presence mainly, and it came to our attention that different types of blogs generate different types of presence, and they do so differently. We were also faced with the question, who cares… is the creation of a sense of presence something that we really want in blogs? Again, we came to the conclusion that it differs in different types of blogs. Event blogs definitely want/need to create a sense of presence. I would argue that academic blogs that foster collaboration also need/want to create this sense. In order to maintain conversation, a sense of presence is necessary. I am still contemplating the necessity for bloggers who are only writing for themselves… one could argue that, similar to a book, generating a sense of presence allows the reader a window into the thoughts of the writer… without it, the writing would feel dead, there would be nothing to draw the reader back for more…

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research blog

while it is far from perfect, i am at least using my research blog now. (okay, i began to use it today…). i have already begun many projects, (blogtalk paper, online identity short paper) and will begin researching my first article beginning in august which means that it is actually time to begin using this weblog. i hope that the dream of a collaboration of linguists is not just a dream, but a reality in which we can communicate and learn from each other…that, for me, is the beauty of blogging…

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Online Identity

I am finishing the paper for my field methods class on identity of avatars in Traveler. I finally found someone online (big time-zone problem between here and The States) who I was able to interview about his choice of avatar and his call-name. There was not a lot of thought behind the choice, just a modification of the available cache avatars which makes me wonder about personal investment. It is possible to create your own avatar using 3D modelling, but it takes a certain amount of know-how and a lot of time. It is relatively simple, however, to modify given avatars. So, my question is this: do people create an avatar that matches their personality, despite the required investment of both time and skill, or do they modify the way they conceive their identity to fit an already existing avatar? How does this fit in with existing theories of identity online?

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meaning in music

i just read an interesting, short article on the relationship between the way humans make ’meaning’ in both language and music. both language and music create meaningful context with word or tonal frequency which is why atonal (and dare I say post-modern literature) music is more difficult to follow, the patterns found in these are less predictable.

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last class

today i taught my last english class at leehman brothers. we did a mock business meeting, an exercise i have also used in other oral proficiency classes, and the differences between the professionals conducting the mock meeting and the idealistic early 20-something college freshmen conducting the meeting were startling. the professionals concentrated on legal and monetary issues of the designated problem, while the freshmen concentrated on moral issues, as well as those related to the overall reputation of the mock company. as has been expressed many times in my field methods class, which i unfortunately missed today due to scheduling conflicts – really hated that as i am really enjoying this class, sometimes there are just not enough hours in the day-, people always bring their own baggage and experiences with them. this was obvious in the reactions of these two groups.

on a different note, blogtalk is quickly approaching and therese and i had our last ‘practice’ today in the lab. there are a few things i need to make explicit, but other than that, we feel pretty good about the presentation. *exciting!*

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welcome warm summer

i have noticed a trend in the blogs i read regularly. maybe it is summer, or the warm weather…but bloggers do not seem to be blogging as much…myself included. this year has been so overwhelming that i feel the need to take it a little easier this summer, even though blogtalk is coming up. (on an aside: I am *very* excited about blogtalk, not least travelling with therese. she and i have planned a fun little vacation around the conference, and i will get the opportunity to see parts of germany and austria that I have never seen before!)

i have a lot to look forward to in the fall…beginning my Ph.D., interesting classes, teaching… but first, this summer my kids and i are going to go back to the states to visit my family and spend tons of time on the beach!!! we are going to take some time for ourselves so that we come back in the fall refreshed and rejuvenated! welcome warm summer!

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culture and parties...

DSC00492DSC00487yesterday was great. we began the day at a children’s cultural festival on a small island called norrbyskär. we spent hours there watching a medieval fighting and dancing, mimes, rabbit hopping, dancing children from around the world, and ate a lot of ice-cream. we came home for about an hour in order to eat dinner and then we were off again, this time to a party at a co-worker/friend’s house. we were there quite late, but had a great time! yesterday was exhausting, but great. today, however, we will just take it easy, relax, and enjoy the sunny weather…

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Blogtalk practice

whew! what a week. it is finally over and i am whipped! this afternoon we gathered all of the participants from the jokkmokk moblogging project together to listen to the presentation that therese and i are doing for blogtalk. it was great getting a chance to practice and receive feedback. the ‘audience’ gave us some useful tips that we will take into consideration when putting the finishing touches on our presentation. a lot of the tips that we received were also useful for presentations in general. things like, do not read out everything on your slides (quotes, etc) and ways to immerse your audience into the event using methods other than description. after today’s ‘dress rehearsal’, i am very excited about the presentation. see you at blogtalk!

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