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Field Study Methods

tuesday i began the most interesting class. it is called field research methods and is taught by a visiting professor from texas. today we talked about several issues like reality versus truth. it started a debate in which several people took the stance that there is some sort of ultimate reality, but as humans we are not yet developed enough to see it. i do not believe this. i believe that reality is a social construction. everyone has their own version of reality and as empathetic as we may or may not be, not only will our reality never be the same as another’s, but we can also never truly understand another’s reality. i think that this belief also fits well with the theory of mythological history. rather than believing in a chronological history as many westerns do, some societies believe in a mythological history, where their social reality is based on myths and prejudices (both in a positive and negative sense). it is these myths that govern their actions. i have struggled with the notion of racism a lot while reconciling my roots and wonder is these type of attitudes are not based on mythological history. if you look at the actions of people that feel they are repressed or “other” they often consider history from the point of view of stories/myths rather than chronologically. their actions are often reasoned by these myths… i killed him because he dissed me. He knew that colour represented hate to me and my brothers...colour has no meaning in itself, it is a social construction to this person who associated it with hate or possibly a myth connected with an item of that color.

another interesting point brought up in class was that of the power of listening. that listening is very difficult, but to the person being listened to it is very powerful, even transformative.

i think i am going to enjoy this class…

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