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organizational ideas

i just read an interesting post referred to me in the comments by glosses.net. Renee was talking about the trouble organizing academic writing and whether or not a blog could help in the organization of her dissertation. (btw, she has a great post on journeyman, also!) i have faced the same problem writing my masters thesis. i am have a pile of articles i do not know what to do with and a ton of loose end writings i do not know where to put. i am attempting to fix this by working on a non-linear blog. i am trying to create a blog space that is circular and rotating so i can (in theory) see my main topics all at once. before i knew if i would start my PhD or not, i signed up for a summer class in web design. i am still going to take the class and use the time to try and build this site. hopefully it will be realized... although it may just turn out to be a useless, unorganized pile of information... i will not know until i try :)

Renee, i really like your organizational idea. i am not sure if there are any programs that exist like that now, but it would be worth investigating. i have just switched from MT to typepad and am not sure i am 100% satisfied, but i would like to find a permanent home for my blog before i get too involved in my thesis, especially considering i will be studying languages specific to blogging. good luck in your writing and congratulations on the end of your classes! i am looking forward to following your blog and watching how your thesis progresses!

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I GOT IT!!!!!!!

Have to share my happy bouncing up and down all day news... I got the scholarship! I can actually start researching, not just playing with it on the side! I am so excited I can barely sit and type this!!! I will start my PhD in july (i think). Wahooooooo!

an aside, this was the first time i have written PhD in relation to myself...got chills :-)

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Ylva seminar

Yesterday afternoon we had a very interesting seminar about corpora in language education with Ylva Berglund(link will work next week) from the University of Oxford. She made a lot of interesting points, especially about the looking at the origin of corpora before you generate statistics from it...

she brought up a number of interesting points about a useful tool that i know far too little about. i will summarize more this afternoon. we are about to begin a workshop with Ylva in which we will get to work with WordSmith(?). really looking forward to the experience!

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Vår Russet

DSC00464tuesday i ran with two kids and a guinea pig in a 5k race just for women. it was a great experience and a chance to share my enjoyment for running with my kids. unfortunately, i have a feeling that this will be the last year i can run with them until they can run themselves... 30 kilos is a lot to push!

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really cool new site found called ping-o-matic. a way to ping many regular sites with one address... now if i could just figure out how to ping weblogs.se manually!

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exciting things happening this week in lab

here are the seminars for this week... an exciting mix of visitors!

[25 maj kl.15.10]
Massively Multiplayer Online Games as Learning Environments
Constance A. Steinkuehler, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Hemsida: http://www.sit.wisc.edu/~steinkuehler/
I samverkan med Lärarutbildningen

[26 maj kl.15:10]
Korpusar i språkutbildningen (corpora in language education)
Ylva Berglund, University of Oxford
I samverkan med Nätuniversitetet

[1 juni kl.10:15]
The Enacted Myths of Computer Education
Margaret Lloyd, Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane
Hemsida: http://education.qut.edu.au/~lloydmm/

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Commedia dell Arte

in world and it looks great! good job Julian High School


the play was great. there was obvious organization with regards to blocking and the script was very funny...very true to commedia form. it was a great experience and will more than likely result in a collaboration with Julian next year.

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very exciting!!

today my other theater group will be watching a commedia dell arte play in active worlds... this is the invitation from Bonnie DeVarco.

Dear Colleagues and Friends, We have a wonderful group of thespians from Julian High School in Southern California who would be delighted to have you join in to see their Commedia dell Arte Play in LinkWorld in the AWedu Virtual Education Universe. Please come and see Lady Murasaki's gorgeous new avatar characters in the beautiful LinkWorld, part of the Borderlink Project. http://borderlink.org/history/2004/riney/commedia.html Julian High School presentations: Thursday May 20th and Monday May 24th 10:10am to 11:55pm Pacific Time Special Encore LinkWorld Open House and tour with our friends Rudiger Stiebitz in Carnival world, DIVERSE (more info on DIVERSE here: http://www.avatarchat.de.vu/ at the same times: Thursday May 24th 10:10am to 11:55pm Pacific Time If you don't already have the Eduverse browser, please download it from the Borderlink page here (click top right box): http://www.borderlink.org/linkworld.html More about the Borderlink Project here: http://borderlink.org/

this will be a great opportunity for the students to see a play in english in a virtual world. super excited! hope to see you there!

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invisible theater

i am about to go downtown and watch as my students perform their street performances. i am very excited about this. they performed part one last monday to a mixed review. mixed, not because they did not do a good job... they did a great job actually! the review was mixed due to the fact that the subject matter they chose to depict was of a somewhat sensitive nature. we are taking a leaf out of boal's book and doing a bit if invisible theater. monday's group used several people posing as handicapped and their personal assistants (every handicapped person in sweden has the right to a personal assistant... very great program!). the personal assistants were horrible to their charges. we were hoping to provoke some response from the “public”, but got nothing. there was even a large group of teenagers sitting at the next table that were so wrapped up in their cell phone comparisons that they did not even look up when one personal assistant put his charge in to a corner for not eating her icecream properly.

today we will run this skit again and also another where a teenage-mother leaves her “baby” with a stranger so she can go into a shop.

the purpose of these acts is to start a conversation with the public on the fair treatment entitled to every individual. what is and can be expected of people? is there a point where a stranger should step in to help someone obviously in need? where is your line? how far does someone have to be hurt before you react? ...interesting questions which we discuss with the public after we let them in on our “secret”...

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can you tell me, please?

why is it that words sometimes stick in your throat, unable to make it past the bubble of your own elation and fear and knowing they will be thrown back with a simple sorry it really is not the same thing you still struggle to bring them up and hurl them at the suspectingly unprepared object of your confusion.... can you tell me why that is? and while we are on the subject, why is it that when these words finally do make their pained real time journey out of the abyss of your stomach they really serve no good but only sit and watch as your choke and stumble, pouring forth brother and sister and long lost dead aunt who only smile at your wide eyed confusion, your naive declarations of something you really know nothing about even if it is true and painful and wonderful all mixed up in a myriad of colors and confusions and still they sit and snicker, useless except to magnify how your explanations and amendments tumble and crash and lie limp in your hand...why is that exactly?

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