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what every girl secretly wants to hear?

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ice walking

So two girls go out into the wild white wonder, right? One is Australian, the other Alabamian. Neither one can walk very well on the icy surface bordering the frozen Baltic sea…

<center><embed src="http://www.sumofmyparts.com/archives/MOV00272.MPG" autostart="true" controls="true"></embed></center>

no, this is not a joke. it has no punch line. this inability to walk on ice is a real concern for those of us who learned to walk in warm climates. i have, however, been carefully studying the walk of the swedish northern folk and discovered that they walk somewhat like ducks. all snickering and value judgments aside, it *is* the optimal way to walk on ice! you kind of pick up your feet and plant them pointing outward, rather than straight. it really works! here is a video of the <a href="http://www.truna.net/">incomparable truna </a>testing this theory at a beach walk in kont, sweden.

<a href="http://www.sumofmyparts.com/archives/DSC00276.JPG"><img alt="DSC00276.JPG" src="http://www.sumofmyparts.com/archives/DSC00276-thumb.JPG" width="350" height="250" border="0" /></a>

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a ping example

look here I am pinging!!!

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just the beginning

today i am leading another promising group of interested websurfers/writers through a basic introduction to blogging…i want to express how blogging is a collaborative experience which changes the way you think for life. while going about your daily doings, you begin to think in blog posts. you mentally blog all the important and quasi important events of your life. while very few of these mental blogs actually make it into the blog proper, mental blogging does become a way of critical thinking.

please share your experiences!

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strength and sex in the city

i enjoy watching sex in the city. we still do not have the final season here in sweden, but we are not too far behind. i read about <a href="http://story.news.yahoo.com/news?tmpl=story&cid=514&e=8&u=/ap/20040223/ap_on_en_tv/tv_sex_and_the_city_finale_11">the finale </a>on <a href="http://www.yahoo.com">yahoo</a> this morning (i know…it is cheating) and was happy with some of the concluding comments made by carrie. i have been thinking a lot about the portrayal of strong women in the media as i have watched how my three year old daughter responds to the women she sees in her still small media world. strong women are, sadly, few and far between in a world of pink princesses and dazzling damsels in distress. i am not sure how to discuss with her a woman’s worth when she is inundated with simpering, frilly dress wearing whiney women, even on bolibompa (child’s tv program in sweden).

will she believe me when i tell her that a women can and should be strong, that they are as good as any man, that her worth is not ultimately tied in with her weight, hair color, breast size, leg length, shaved/unshaven, to have or have not opinions? i am nearly 27 and am just beginning to believe this…how do i convince her? she is, after all, a little too young for sex in the city…

nice carrie quotes…

"I am someone who's looking for love, real love ... can't-live-without-each-other love — and I don't think that love is here," Carrie tells him.
<i>(me too...i wonder if it really exists or if it is just a hollywood myth?)</i>

"The most exciting, challenging and significant relationship of all is the one you have with yourself," says Carrie in her role as narrator. "And if you find someone to love the you you love," she concludes, "well, that's just fabulous."

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Coherence and blogging

I was speaking with Anders about some of the interesting features that add to/represent coherence in blogging. Linking, for example, plays a large role in adding a third mental space in language processing which is both physical/virtual and mental. Within my research plan, I plan to outline an article about the discourse in blogging. How far can a string of discourse go before breaking down? How many blogging areas can it exist in before it becomes too difficult to process? How do different strategies of coherence come into play? I think I will now go sit in the bathtub and read the chapter on coherence in my Cambridge, Discourse analysis book. I will finish my first draft this week and send it off for review to several people. When it is finalized, I will post it here. I would love to get comments from the blogging linguistic community on electronic discourse.

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71% dixie???

although i have lived in the south, in various places as a teenager, i have always associated my speech with the northwestern part of the country, where i was raised?especially when all of my friends made fun of the way i spoke. (as do some of my Swedish friends?you know who you are!) i just completed a test that uses quasi linguistics(?) to determine if you are southern or northern by word choice. i scored 71% dixie??71% (Dixie). That is a pretty strong Southern score!? according to the yankee or dixie quiz.

my whole identity is just one big illusion lying in a great, crumpled mess beneath my cowboy boots.

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71% dixie ???

although i have lived in the south, in various places as a teenager, i have always associated my speech with the northwestern part of the country, where i was raised…especially when all of my friends made fun of the way i spoke. (as do some of my Swedish friends…you know who you are!) i just completed a test that uses quasi linguistics(?) to determine if you are southern or northern by word choice. i scored 71% dixie…”71% (Dixie). That is a pretty strong Southern score!” according to the <a href="http://www.chuckchamblee.com/dom/fun/yankee_dixie_quiz.htm">yankee or dixie quiz</a>.

my whole identity is just one big illusion lying in a great, crumpled mess beneath my cowboy boots.

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when it just gets too frustrating

…<a href="http://meph.eu.org/">smack the penguin</a>

593 feet... my best yet!

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the dichotomy of wealth

i was going through the books that the last teacher left in my office in the drama department and i came across this amazing book by a Danish author, Jacob Holdt. this book is a pictorial documentary on the United States. it comments on the dichotomy between the rich and the poor and how society had been influenced by poverty, i.e. gun control, violence, the death penalty…etc. the pictures really brought me back home to rural Alabama and the conditions that many still live in. there is a problem with homelessness, of course…but there are also thousands of forgotten people living in conditions that most would find unbearable. dirt floors, rats…surrounded by violence, protected by a few thin walls that can not keep out a draft, much less a bullet. listening to your children cry out of hunger and not being able feed them.

as a student teacher in a school that where many of these students attended, i saw how malnutrition affected their ability to concentrate, how violence affected their ability to cope and rationalize, how guns and gangs provided a family otherwise unavailable. how the stench of dying, rotting rats in the walls of the school made the students too ill to concentrate on any lesson (i wish this was an exaggeration, but it is not…every spring, as the weather would turn warm, the smell of rotting, rat corpses trapped in the school walls would permeate the building.)

<a href="http://www.sumofmyparts.com/archives/americanhouse.jpg"><img alt="americanhouse.jpg" src="http://www.sumofmyparts.com/archives/americanhouse-thumb.jpg" width="350" height="250" border="0" /></a>
(yes, this picture is old...but I can say that not much has changed in this part of the country. these houses <i>still</i> exist...and people <i>do</i> still live in them)

i thought i grew up poor, as both of my parents were finishing school at the same time. sometimes we did not have a lot to eat at the end of the month, but we only had huge cockroaches to contend with…no rats…no days of starvation… i only now realize how incredibly lucky we were.

of course, the students only had to walk across town to the rich school to see how the “other half” lived. Students driving new luxury cars, huge brick and glass school, no crack houses on either side of the school yard…huge dichotomy. It was like living in two different worlds.

how is it the richest nation in the world, my own nation, can allow its own citizens to wallow in the putrid filth of condemnation while the wealthy and upper class sip the sweet nectar of security?

Star Spangled Bullshit

Oh say can you see hos', how the star spangled bull shit
Wafts through the air of your factory, permeating our thoughts.
The only rhetoric you spout is that of your parents,
Unsure of the meaning, refusing to look at the facts.
You stick to the Republican/Capitalistic way of life.
Only the empathy of Arnold can see how your kind made mine
Sift and wade through their own excrement to have the privilege of working fourteen hours
So our children did not have to beg yours for the day old, moldy bread you handed out like
Jewels on a golden scepter of greed.
You call us the leeches of society, content to sit lay and beg from out "betters."
Maybe it never occurred to you during your capitalistic "god save the rich" dreams
That once I might like to spend Christmas with my children instead of pushing the
Monthly earning quota so your children can have what ever their hypocritical, voracious hearts
desired while mine savor the Christmas broth and yours gorge on the glazed ham.
Once I might like to wash the filth of your condemnation off my boots
And frolic in the fields at a picnic that my wife prepared with her soft lady-hands
Not the hands of the tannery women she has become.
I would like to taste the meat of the animal instead of the back fat we are overcharged for.
Maybe once I could live the life of the hander, not the handed.
But instead I pull on my boots, encrusted with the toils of life, splash through the putrid puddles
Of your form of justice and report to work so you can pay me the pittance that I am supposed to
Support my family and the American dream upon.
Your right, boss man, we are the leeches in this society.

<i>July 2000</i>

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